Etisalat Dubai prepaid users can now use mobile data without package


Etisalat prepaid customers now have the unique opportunity to ‘Start/Stop’ data as and when required for only two fils per minute. The service, launched for the first time in the region, is expected to foster a complete new usage behaviour of short-period on-demand mobile internet access, making data easy-to-use and affordable for all UAE prepaid subscribers.

By dialing *777#, customers can start or stop a data session, and charging will be done only for the minutes in between, with no volume limit on usage – so no need to worry about MBs or GBs anymore.

Data speed will be limited to 1Mbps during any Start/Stop data session. This is more than adequate for accessing any mobile optimized site, uploading/ downloading rich content, or streaming videos.

With Start/Stop data, customers will benefit from lower spend because of the flexible short periods of data access, while having excellent customer experience with unlimited access to all sites at a very good speed.

Khaled ElKhouly, Chief Consumer Officer, Etisalat said: “Etisalat launch of the ‘Start/Stop’ data service will be a game changer for the industry making data usage accessible to all prepaid subscribers and most of all affordable. Time based data access with pay per minute charging has not been launched on a commercial scale as we have done here. We are confident customers will enjoy this innovative new data service that gives them the agility to use and pay as per their usage.”