The Collection’ Release Date of “Bioshock”


Planning to get a copy? BioShock: The Collection is set to launche on Sept. 13 for the PlayStation 4, PC , and Xbox One.

4K Games has released 3 separate Gameplay Videos for BioShock: The Collection, with at least 35 minutes of gameplay for your viewing pleasure. The remasters of the trilogy will be released simultaneously, talk about your busy schedule, under the bundle name: Bioshock: The Collection. After releasing a comparison or graphics trailer, 2K has showered us with a treat by throwing out ‘Let’s Play’ videos. Grahpics-wise, the original versions were already awesome so these remasters should push further the boundaries of modern computing hardware to give us that stunning scenery we deserve after a hard day’s work. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there are people like me who work hard to save up for some games.

he collection will be performing at 1080p with 60FPS but has a disclaimer prefix of ‘up to’. It seems the developers were not joking around when you observe it on the Let’s Play videos.Bioshock: The Collection will not just deliver a state-of-the-art experience but also the little things we want in our games like, texture, colors, lighting, and other little graphic creatures have been reported to be beefed up for the best remastered experience that you could imagine.

Presumably, since these are remasters, 2K has no problem exposing gameplay. But for those who have not touched the BioShock trilogy yet, whom I feel very sorry for, do not view the videos unless you want the storyline to get spoiled. BioShock, in my opinion, offers you one of the best story-telling experience when playing one of their games. I still even have the hangovers for Bioshock: Infinite. Who would have thought that Comstock is… never mind, I might be spoiling the game for some.